• Consulting: applying artificial intelligence technologies to financial markets
  • Outsourcing quants – we can help make the machines work for your ideas. You don’t need an IT department, you just need a program that works for you with as little human interference/touch as possible!
  • Outsourcing your Data Science R&D/testing – let us help you building prototypes and see what technology can actually do for you before you build your own team. Test before you decide you need a data science specialist all the time.


  • Backtesting chart patterns on stocks or entire markets. Build individual stock profiles for each /multiple patterns to better understand their behaviour.
  • Market behaviour studies. Check the market & stocks behaviour around specific events of the time series thereof. Go deeper with factor analysis to identify the main drivers for certain developments
  • Companies focus changes over time by taking advantage of the latest developments in NLP technologies.
  • Advanced NLP/AI. Automating important events – forever! Get the news related to companies that moved above x% in a day.

We are not here to do anything. AI is a massive space, and hence so is the consulting thereof, sometimes even for small projects. Feel free to send us an email with your request first, and we will be more than happy to follow up and see if we can actually help or not.